How to Maximise Traction in Your Horse Float

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Horses traveling in horse floats have to contend with the changing forces as you turn, accelerate, and come to a stop. The floor of floats can be slippery against hooves or horse shoes. Here are a few ways that you can maximise the traction in your horse float.

Choose Horse Float Mats Carefully

Invest in good float mats that provide plenty of texture. Some of the rubber mats have absolutely no texture on their surface, and this doesn’t create a safe surface when you’re hauling your horse. Look for mats that have thin wedges or circles in their surface, since this can give your horse additional grip. It’s a little more difficult to sweep these mats out after each trip, but it’s worth it to invest in your horse’s safety.

Only Tow in a Dry Float

Never tow in a float when the mats are wet. Wet mats are slick, so if your horse urinates in the float, soak up the urine with bedding and allow the spot to dry before you load up again for the trip home.

Bed Your Float

Adding shavings can help to give your horse good traction in the float. Bed generously to give your horse increased grip, but be sure to remove the bedding after each trip when you clean out your float.

Customise Your Horse Float’s Ramp

Horse float ramps can become particularly slick. When you buy a horse float, look for a float with a longer ramp which makes for a more gradual incline. Horse floats with shorter ramps create a steeper incline which can increase the chances of your horse slipping.

Once you own the float, some modifications can increase the ramp’s traction. Outfit the ramp with a textured mat to improve traction. Nailing thin strips of wood horizontally across the ramp is a popular solution that gives your horse places to catch his hooves if he does slide. Often, just upgrading to a better mat can solve the problem of a slick ramp.

Drive Carefully

Even with all of these preventative measures, poor driving can still put your horse at risk of driving in a horse float. Spend time driving your empty float so that you learn how to gently ease it into motion and to a stop. Always leave plenty of distance between your truck and the vehicle in front of you so you don’t have to come to a sudden stop.

When you’re looking at horse floats for sale or are preparing your horse float for a trip, keep in mind what you can do to maximize traction for your horse’s safety.

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