How to Plan the Layout of Your Horse Pastures

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Whether you’re building a horse stable or are remodeling an existing horse farm, planning the layout of your horse pastures can be a challenge. Your horse will spend a good deal of his life in the pasture, so it’s important that the layout of the horse fencing is safe and appropriate. Consider these factors when planning the layout of your horse pastures.

Proximity to the Stable

Think about how close you want your horse pastures to be to the stable. You will have to bring horses out and in every day, so having close access to the pastures will save you time. As you plan the pasture layout, think about where you can locate gates. Make sure that the gates will be in areas which are easy to access from both directions, and avoid placing gates on a hill – the increased horse traffic can lead to poor footing.

Proximity to Roads

Consider the overall layout of the property. Do you have a main road that borders one or more sides of your property? If so, then you will want to make sure that whatever horse fencing you choose for those sides is strong and highly visible. Some property owners choose to keep their horse pastures back a ways from any roads, lessening the chances of escaped horses getting into the street and of drivers stopping to pat or feed the horses over the fence.

Natural Geography

As you plan the layout of your pastures, don’t forget to think about the natural geography of the property. Do you have low-lying areas where the footing will be muddy? Are there highly rocky areas that you would like to keep your horses away from? Maybe there is a pond or stream that runs through your property. Consider all of these factors when you plan what areas of your property you want to fence in – and fence out.


Finally, think about how accessible your horse pastures will be for machines. If you will be mowing or seeding your pastures, then you will absolutely want machines to be able to access the pastures. It’s important to consider access when you think about where you are going to locate your pasture gates. Remember, too, that the gates need to be wide enough to allow for machine access.

Good planning is key to ensuring that you are happy with the layout of your horse pastures. Before you start ordering and installing horse fencing, make sure that you know and are satisfied with what the exact pasture layout will be.

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