How to Prepare Your Sale Horse for a Test Ride

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When you advertise your horse for sale, be prepared to have potential buyers ask if they can come and test ride your horse. Test riding horses for sale is a standard part of the sale process. It’s important that you prepare your sale horse for a test ride ahead of time to make sure that everything goes well.

Get Your Horse Fit

You will want to make sure that your horse is physically fit enough to perform a test ride. A horse who is fit will ride with more impulsion, balance, and responsiveness than one who is unfit. Being physically fit also reduces the chance that your horse will be injured during the ride.

If your horse hasn’t been ridden at all in the recent past, make a point of getting him back to work under saddle. Progress gradually until you can ride your horse for 45 minutes or an hour. If your horse will be asked to perform certain maneuvers like jumping or sliding stops, then you will need to spend time reintroducing those moves so that your horse can perform them safely.

Have Other People Ride Your Horse

It’s a good idea to have a few different people ride your horse before the real test rides begin. Different riders have different styles, and if you have been the only one to ride your horse, he might not react well to an unusual rider. Have some friends ride your horse so that he is better prepared to have a strange rider on his back.

Practice What Your Horse Does Well – and Not Well

It’s a good idea to prepare your horse for the test ride by practicing what he may be asked to do. For instance, if your horse is known for his jumping talents, then he will be asked to jump. If he’s strong in dressage, then a buyer will want to ride some dressage movements.

On the other hand, don’t forget to brush up on what your horse doesn’t do so well. Flying lead changes, downward transitions, circles – brush up on his weaker areas so that he’s not so weak during the test ride.

Make Sure Tack Fits Well

Above all else, check the fit of your tack. A poorly fitting saddle or a bit that pinches can cause your horse to act uncharacteristically during a test ride, and bucking or head tossing may become an issue. Prepare the tack ahead of time and make sure that it fits your horse well.

With a little preparation beforehand, your horse will be ready for any test ride. Make sure that when you list your horse for sale, you will be ready for the test rides which will follow.

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