How to Prevent Rodents in Your Horse Stable

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Rodents. It seems like they’re in every horse stable. Rodents aren’t just pests – they carry diseases, can ruin horse feed, and can put your health at risk. These tips can help you to prevent rodents in your horse stable.

Keep Feed Tightly Sealed

Rodents are attracted to your stable because it offers a warm shelter that has plenty of food. In order to discourage rodents from entering your stables, you need to keep any horse feed and supplements in tightly sealed containers. Metal garbage cans work well.

Consider Getting a Cat for your Stables

Having a cat around can help to keep rodents at a minimum. Consider getting a cat or two – the presence of the cats makes your stable a less inviting environment for rodents.

Clean Regularly

Cleaning your stable can help to deter rodents. Cleaning your stable helps to minimize the feed around which would attract rodents. When you clean, you also move items around, discouraging rodents from settling down.

Feed Horses Off the Ground

Rodents are highly attracted to horse feed. If possible, feed your horses from stall feeders which are located off of the ground. Horses tend to spill feed when they eat from ground feeders, and this extra feed is tempting to rodents. By feeding your horses up off of the ground, you’ll reduce the amount of feed that they spill.

Cover Garbage and Remove It Promptly

Your stable’s garbage cans are highly attractive to rodents – what’s better than a trash can full of old food? Keep your stable’s garbage sealed in metal trash cans with tight lids. Remove the trash from the stable promptly, and put it in a dumpster or other container far away from your stable or home.

Set Traps

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you just can’t deter rodents from making your barn into a home. Traps are an effective method of cutting down on an existing rodent problem. If you set traps, make sure that you place them in areas where children and pets cannot access them.

Some stable owners opt to use poisons, but remember that cats, dogs, and other animals can very easily be accidentally poisoned, too. If you have small animals present in or around your stable, it’s safest to stick with traditional mouse and rat traps.

No one wants rodents in their barn. Putting many – or all – of these tips to work can help to reduce the chance that any rodents will want to make your stables home.

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