How to Reduce Boredom In Your Horse

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There are many situations which can result in boredom in horses. Whether your horse needs to retire from regular riding, be kept alone, or is put on stall rest to recover from an injury, horses can be prone to getting bored. Bored horses may develop negative behaviors and can even be under stress, so it’s best to avoid boredom if possible. These tips can help you to reduce boredom in your horse.

Provide a Buddy

Horses living in solitude are highly prone to being bored and lonely. Since horses are herd animals by nature, they thrive on living with the company of at least another horse. If you can’t manage to provide another horse’s companionship, then consider getting another animal, like a goat, to keep your horse company and to reduce his bored.

Interact With Your Horse

There are many activities that you can do to help reduce your horse’s boredom. Try to visit your horse on a daily basis and groom him, hand graze him, take him for hand walks, ride, do groundwork, massage him, and more. These activities can help to break up your horse’s day and keep things fresh and new.

Try a New Discipline

If your horse seems to be burning out on his daily work regimen, then maybe it’s time to give a new discipline a try. There are so many disciplines and activities to do with your horse, from jumping to dressage to barrel racing to trail riding. Sometimes your horse may just need a break from his regular work. Trying out a new discipline can change your horse’s mentality, and you may find that when you return to your regular work, both you and your horse are refreshed and ready to progress again.

Keep Food Present

In nature, horses graze continuously throughout most of the day. But as we’ve domesticated horses, we’ve changed their eating schedules to two or three large meals a day, often with little in between. Providing your horse with access to pasture for grazing for most of the day can help to reduce his boredom and will give him something to do. If pasture isn’t available, then put hay into a small hole hay net to slow his consumption and keep him busy for a while.

These are just a few ideas for ways that you can reduce boredom in your horse. What other methods have you used to keep your horse entertained?

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