How to Safely Store Horse Feed In Your Stable

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When you bring horse feed into your stable, it’s up to you to properly store it until all of the feed is consumed. Improperly stored horse feed can result in wastage and can even threaten your horse’s health. These tips can help you to properly store horse feed in your stable.

Store Feed in a Protected Area

You need to keep your feed protected from the weather, particularly the rain, which can cause the feed to quickly spoil. It is best to store feed in a feed room which is cool and dry. Make sure that your feed room has a door which latches securely. It is advisable to add a second “horse-proof” latch to prevent loose horses from getting into the feed room.

Horse feed attracts rodents, so it’s important to implement good rodent control procedures in your feed room. Fill in any holes that rodents are using to access the room, and consider laying traps to help control the rodent issue. A barn cat can also help to reduce the number of mice on your property. Finally, sweep the feed room on a daily basis to remove any spilled feed from the floor.

Store Feed Off the Ground

Never store feed directly on the ground. Doing this can allow for moisture to work its way through the bag, and also makes it easy for rodents to access the feed bags. Instead, store feed up on wooden pallets or another type of rack. This allows air to freely circulate beneath the feed, helping to reduce the chance of the feed spoiling.

Use Rodent-Proof Containers

Make sure that any sort of container you store feed in is rodent-proof. Rodent-proof containers, like heavy-duty plastic or metal trash cans, help to keep your feed protected. Invest in quality containers to keep your feed safe from rodents, moisture, and dust.

Watch Expiration Dates

It’s important to carefully monitor the expiration dates on the feed that you use. You should always feed the oldest bag of feed first, as long as it’s not expired. When you bring in new bags of feed, rotate the bags so that the newest feed is on the bottom of the stack, and the top bags are the oldest feed.

Discard Bad Feed

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your feed may spoil. Rodents might get into the feed, or the feed may mould. If you are unsure of whether the feed is safe, then it’s best to discard it and start over. Clean out the feed bin thoroughly before opening another bag of feed.

Horses can get sick incredibly quickly from bad feed, so make sure that you safely store horse feed in your stable.

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