How to Save Money When Buying Horse Rugs

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Horse rugs can be a pricey yet necessary investment for any horse owner. Before you go shopping for horse rugs, check out these tips that can help you to save money when buying horse rugs.

Only Buy What You Need

Before you set out to buy horse rugs, carefully consider the types of rugs that you need. A turnout rug can often double as a stable rug, reducing the number of rugs that you need. Be sure to also consider your horse’s coat and when he will actually need a rug – some horses with thicker coats may only need one rug to keep them warm during the coldest times of the year. You can often save yourself some rug purchases by carefully thinking about which specific rugs you actually need.

Measure Your Horse Carefully

You’ll want to make sure that any horse rug you buy properly fits your horse. An improperly fitting rug can rub your horse, and it can even be dangerous. In order to save yourself the costs of shipping back a rug of the wrong size, carefully measure your horse before you order or buy a horse rug.

When you buy the rug, try it on your horse right away to verify that it fits correctly. Make sure that your horse is clean before you try the rug on, and put a thin, clean sheet on your horse before you try on the rug to keep dust and hair from getting on the new rug. Many retailers will only allow you to return a rug if it is clean after you’ve tried it on your horse.

Buy Quality Horse Rugs

When you buy horse rugs, you’ll have different price options. Some lower-end rugs are quite affordable, while higher quality rugs tend to demand higher prices. Realize that, while buying a lower-end rug may save you money now, it’s likely that the rug will not last you more than a season or two. A higher-end rug may last you many years, making it a better deal in the long-term.

Look for Used Horse Rugs

If you can’t afford to buy horse rugs new, then look for used horse rugs for sale. You can often find used horse rugs for reasonable prices, but it’s important to carefully inspect the rug for any damage.

These are just a few ways that you can save money when buying horse rugs. Good luck with your shopping!

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