How to take care of your saddle

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If you look at horse tack for sale, you will see just how expensive it can be to buy a quality saddle. Buying a saddle is an investment and you’ll want to take care of your saddle properly to preserve its usefulness and value. With good care, quality saddles can last for many years and you can even resell them for a good value. Here are some ways to care for your saddle.

Store Your Saddle Properly

Avoid keeping your saddle in high humidity or next to any heat sources. High humidity will cause mold and mildew to grow on your saddle, and artificial heat sources will dry out the leather and can even damage your saddle. Instead, either store your saddle at home or make sure that the tack room has good ventilation and possibly even a dehumidifier.

Be sure that your saddle is stored securely on the saddle rack or saddle stand. Never stack saddles on top of one another - this can create uneven pressure and can compress the flocking on the saddle’s underside.

Clean and Condition Your Saddle

Whenever you ride, dust from the riding ring along with your horse’s sweat become embedded in the saddle. Over time, this dust and the salt from your horse’s sweat can degrade the leather of your saddle and wear on the stitching. It is important to clean your saddle on a regular basis to remove this dirt. Make it a point to clean your saddle every few days. Follow up with a leather conditioner to help keep your saddle supple.

If you’re ever caught riding in the rain, then you need to take proper care of your saddle. Wipe the extra water off of your saddle and then let it dry gradually in a shaded area - never put your saddle out in the sun to dry. Before your saddle is completely dry, condition it and then allow it to finish drying. If you don’t dry and condition your saddle properly, the leather can dry out too much and become brittle and unusable.

Make Repairs Early

Saddles are subject to heavy use and sometimes they need repairs. If you notice a problem area beginning on your saddle, like stitching coming out or a panel beginning to separate, then bring your saddle in to a qualified saddler to have it professionally repaired. Attempting to make repairs yourself can damage your saddle further and even put yourself in a dangerous position when you ride. Have saddle repairs made early on before the problem gets worse - doing so will help ensure that your saddle lasts for years.

If you’re looking at horse tack for sale and are planning to buy a saddle, be sure to care for it properly to make your investment last.

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