How to Take Great Photos to Market Your Horse Float for Sale

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Do you have a horse float for sale? When you advertise your horse float, you’ll definitely need some pictures to help it sell. Taking the right pictures the first time can help your ad to capture the attention of more potential buyers, hopefully getting your float to sell sooner. These tips can help you take great photos to better market your horse float for sale.

Clean Your Float First

Always start by cleaning your horse float. Pull out any bedding and hay, and remove any items inside the float’s interior or in your tack room. Run a vacuum over the carpeting in your tack room and thoroughly hose or sweep out the float’s interior. Remember, extra clutter, like tack or storage items in your float will make it look smaller. For the best first impression, have your float clean and empty for pictures.

Wait for Good Light

Plan to take your pictures during the day, when there is decent light out. If your horse float has interior lights, turn those on to help illuminate the float’s interior. You may want to experiment with different camera settings, including using your flash to get better photos of your float. Opening up the escape doors or side ramp can also help.

Take the Must-Have Shots

When you advertise your float, buyers will want to see certain shots of your float. Good quality photos of the float’s exterior are a must, but there are some other photos that you’ll want to get, too.

Start by getting photos of both sides of the float, and then get a photo of the back of the float with the doors or ramp up. Next, lower the ramp and open up the back of the float, and take a photo that includes the ramp, doors, and the float’s interior.

You will want to go into the float and take photos of the floor, of the dividers, of the escape door, and of the tack room.

Then, go outside the float and get photos of the hitch, tires, and any other areas of significance, such as places where the float has been damaged.

Pull Up Your Floor Mats

Be sure to pull up your float’s floor mats so that you can get detailed photos of the floor. Replacing the floor in a horse float is a time-consuming task, so many buyers will want to see photos of the floor’s condition.

If you take multiple quality photos of the different elements of your float, there’s less of a chance that someone will ask you to go take additional photos that you don’t have. By taking the right photos the first time, you can save yourself time later on, and hopefully speed along the sale of your horse float.

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