How to Tell If You’re Ready to Buy Your Own Horse Property

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Is it your dream to own your own horse property, and to be able to look out your windows to see your horses grazing outside? Buying a horse property may seem like a dream come true, but if you’re not ready to own a horse property, it may be more of a chore than you’re ready for. Here are some ways to tell if you’re ready to buy your own horse property.

You Have Lots of Horse Care Experience

When you buy a horse property, your horses will be coming home and suddenly you will be responsible for all of their care. Unless you’re planning to buy a horse stable which is large enough to warrant a full-time stable manager or caretaker, you will face making most of the horse care decisions on your own. Are you experienced enough to be able to recognise medical emergencies like colic, and do you know how to handle them if they do occur? Do you know the rules of feeding and caring for your horse safely? If not, then you may want to reconsider your decision to bring your horses home.

You Understand How Much It Costs to Keep a Horse

It is common misconception that buying a horse property will dramatically reduce the amount that it costs to keep a horse from month to month. Sure, you won’t be paying a monthly fee to your agistment, but now you will be responsible for all of the expenses like hay, feed, shavings, water, and electricity. If you think that you’ll save money by buying your own horse property, then it’s important that you create a budget to find out just what horse care will cost you even when you own property.

You Have a Schedule Which Will Allow for Horse Care

Caring for horses quickly becomes a full-time job. Is your schedule flexible enough to allow you to be home for regular feedings and horse care? If your horse is sick or injured, will you have the time to stay at the stable to wait for the vet? When you have horses on your property, you will find that you spend a large amount of your time caring for them. This can detract from the time that you would spend riding; are you ready for this lifestyle change?

You’re Not Afraid of Property Maintenance

Horse properties require regular maintenance. From mowing pastures to grading your riding arena, you will need to be familiar with property maintenance, or you will need to hire someone who is. Poorly maintained horse properties can lose value and even become unsafe for horses and humans.

The decision to buy a horse property is a big one. If you’re prepared for what’s to come, then this may be the most exciting decision that you ever make.

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