How to Tell When a Horse Is Too Much for You

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After looking at horses for sale and buying your new horse, are you having doubts about whether you and your horse are a match meant to be? Being overmounted on a horse, or riding a horse that is too strong or too much for you, will result in an unpleasant ride and can also lead to fear and even injury. If you’re having doubts, read on to see if you might be overmounted on your current horse.

You Feel Out of Control

Feeling like you are out of control when you are in the saddle is a major sign that your relationship with your current horse may not be working out. Many riders have moments where they feel like they are not in control, but if you are having these moments repeatedly through your rides, or even for the majority of the time that you’re riding, then your body is likely telling you that you are in an unsafe situation.

Test this feeling out by riding other horses. Ride a horse that you’ve ridden comfortably in the past, or ride a horse who is dependable and well-trained. Do you still feel out of control? If not, then you’ll want to enlist the help of a trainer to watch you ride your current horse and advise you on what to do to make the situation safer.

You’ve Had Bad Experiences On Your Horse

A nasty fall or other scary moment while riding will make any rider nervous, and if you ride for long enough, you will likely have some negative experiences on horseback. But if you’re having many negative experiences while riding your current horse, you might be overmounted. Hot, reactive horses paired with riders who are lacking confidence or experience can lead to negative and even dangerous situations.

You Feel Nervous About Riding Your Horse

Do you find yourself increasingly nervous every time you prepare to mount up? Did you once enjoy riding, but are you now worrying more about the fear than the fun of being in the saddle? Did these fear issues begin after you got your current horse?

If serious fear is taking ahold of your riding, you need to get proactive in controlling the fear. Riding a horse that you are fearful of is no fun, and your fear issues are likely to only become worse.

What To Do

If you believe that your current horse is too much for you, enlist the help of a professional. Find a trainer to evaluate your situation with your horse, taking your riding skill and the horse’s training level and temperament into account. With additional training, your horse may turn out to be right for you after all. But if the issue is too great, you will need to sell your horse and start looking at other horses for sale.

Realizing that you are overmounted on a horse is a hard decision to make, but your safety could depend on it.

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