How to Tell Whether a Horse Rug Is Good Quality

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When you’re looking at horse rugs for sale, you will face a wide variety of choices in terms of features, brands, and materials. Horse rugs come in a wide variety of qualities, so how do you know whether you’re looking at a quality horse rug that will last? Consider these features when determining the quality of a horse rug.


The brand of a horse rug can be a major indicator of its quality. Is the brand known for producing excellent horse rugs? Does the brand offer a warranty, and do they stand behind that warranty? If you’re not familiar with the brand of a horse rug, do some research – search for reviews online and ask other horse owners what they think about the brand.


The denier of a rug refers to how durable and strong the material of the outer shell is. A rug with a higher denier will be more durable, lessening the chance of it ripping or tearing. A rug with a lower denier is more prone to ripping or tearing. While you might not need a high denier for a rug to be used in the stable only, turnout rugs should absolutely have a high denier. You can use a rug’s denier to help determine the rug’s overall quality.

Stitching Accuracy

If you are able to inspect the horse rug in person before buying it, pay careful attention to the stitching. Stitching on a quality horse rug will be straight, accurate, strong, and tight – pay attention to the seams to make sure that the stitching is strong and won’t quickly pull out with limited use.


In a way, a rug’s price can give you a basic idea of its quality. In general, higher quality horse rugs tend to cost more than rugs of lower quality. However, that’s not always the case, so don’t base your evaluation of a horse rug entirely on its price.

Rug Warranties

Many high-quality horse rugs will come with a warranty or a guarantee on the life of the rug. A warranty can indicate that the manufacturer believes in and stands behind the quality of their product, and, in the event that the rug does fail during the warranty period, you may be able to replace it for less than the cost of a new rug.

Horse rugs are significant investments, and you want your rugs to last for multiple seasons. These features can help you determine whether you’re looking at a quality horse rug for sale.

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