How to Use Liberty Videos to Help Sell Your Horse

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Videos are incredibly valuable tools when it comes to marketing a horse for sale. While under saddle videos are usually a must for horses trained to ride, at-liberty videos can also help to promote your horse. Whether your horse isn’t yet trained to saddle or you want to showcase his movement, consider the following tips for putting liberty videos to use to sell your horse.

Choose Your Location

Be sure to give some thought into your video’s location. Generally filming outdoors is easiest, because of the natural light. If you film in a paddock, make sure the grass is cut low enough so that you can clearly see the horse’s hooves and legs. A well-groomed arena is a good alternative, and well-lit indoor arenas can also work.

Groom Your Horse

Liberty videos are a perfect opportunity to showcase your horse’s beauty and make potential buyers fall in love with him. In order to showcase your horse best, you’ll need to do an excellent job grooming and preparing him for the video.

Approach your grooming much like you would approach preparing your horse for a show. Strive for a shining coat, and be sure to groom the mane and tail appropriately. For English horses, braiding the mane can help to showcase your horse’s neck throughout the video. A well-fitting bridle with the reins removed can complete the picture by framing your horse’s head. For Western horses, a halter is a good option instead of a bridle.

Incorporate Fences

If your horse is a prospective jumper, then taking the time to set up a jump chute is an excellent way to showcase his natural talent. Get footage of your horse jumping at various heights, and consider including this footage in both real time and in slow motion to highlight the horse’s athleticism and talent.

Strive for Professional Quality

If you’re going to use a liberty video as a marketing tool, then try to have a professional videographer capture the footage. A professional quality video can make a big difference, especially if you’re marketing an upper-level horse. Additionally, a professional videographer will know how to deal with challenges like camera angles, strong sunlight, and how to create a variety of interesting shots when focusing on a single subject.

Videos are just one tool at your disposal for marketing horses for sale. Don’t forget that photos, descriptions, and online sales ads can also help you to reach interested buyers.

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