Important Fire Safety Tips for Your Horse Stable

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Stable fires can be absolutely devastating, but they’re also often preventable. Is your horse stable’s fire safety up to par? Be sure to check out these important fire safety tips – they might just save your horse’s life.

Check Your Electrical Wiring

Many stable fires result from faulty electrical wiring, so it’s a good idea to have an electrician come in and inspect your electrical system. Have him upgrade any old outlets that aren’t up to par, and inspect the wiring for signs of damage.

Avoid Heaters

Heaters can also start fires, especially if they’re left unattended. It’s best to avoid using heaters entirely. If you do have to use a heater during the winter, then look for one that has an auto-shutoff feature if it gets knocked over. Only run heaters while someone is present at the stables, and carefully position them so that they aren’t near anything flammable.

Store Feed Separately

Hay is highly flammable, and mouldy hay can even combust, causing a fire. If at all possible, store your feed in a separate building, not in your stable with your horses. Bring only enough feed for a day or so into your feed room at a time. When you receive a feed delivery, check at least a few bales to make sure that they’ve been properly dried and aren’t mouldy in the centres.

Carefully Choose Stable Fans

It’s a common misconception that household box fans make suitable stable fans. This isn’t the case. Household fans contain motors that can be clogged by the extra dust in stables. This can burn the motors out, and pieces of the hot motor can fall out of the fan, igniting bedding, feed or shavings.

Instead, invest in a fan intended for use in stables. These fans should have fully enclosed motors, and should be capable of dealing with the high dust content in stables.

Prohibit Smoking

A discarded hot cigarette can ignite feed or shavings, starting a fire that can rapidly spread. Prohibit smoking in and around your stables, and make sure that everyone is aware of this rule and why it exists.

Invest in an Alarm System

If a fire breaks out at your stables, seconds count. A good alarm system can promptly alert people to a problem. Even better, consider investing in a sprinkler system that can start to extinguish the fire even before you get there, yourself.

Hopefully you never have to deal with a fire in your horse stable. These tips can help you to reduce the risks, keeping your horses safer.

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