Is Buying a Horse Property in an Equestrian Community Right for You?

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When looking at horse property for sale, you’ll likely encounter some properties which are part of an equestrian community. Is buying a horse property in an equestrian community right for you? Consider the following factors.

Lots of Companionship

Equestrian communities are designed to attract horse lovers, which means that you’ll always have other people to talk horses with. This can be an advantage if you’re highly social and are looking for riding buddies. If you’re more quiet and reserved, though, then make sure that the community you’re considering offers you the privacy that you will want.

Access to Excellent Facilities

Equestrian communities typically feature top-notch equestrian facilities, including groomed riding trails, quality riding arenas, and spacious turnout fields. When you’re a part of an equestrian community you’ll have just about everything that you and your horse need, all concentrated within the community.

Availability of Professionals

Most equestrian communities have multiple trainers available. You can further your training within the community, and may also be able to take advantage of clinics offered within the community.

Some communities have designated veterinarians and farriers. There may also be saddle fitters and equine chiropractors which visit. Because these communities are designed around horses, it’s easy to get your horse the quality care that he needs.

Horses in Your Backyard

Depending on the way that the equestrian community is set up, you may have the option of having your own horses right in your backyard. Some communities feature houses with their own private backyard stables. Other communities offer more centralised stables so that your horse is only a short jaunt down the street. Either way, you’ll save major time in commuting to the stables and will have the peace of mind knowing that your horse is always close by.

Community Rules Regarding Aesthetics

Don’t forget that when you join an equestrian community, you’re agreeing to adhere to its rules. Each community has a different set of rules, including fees, regulations on aesthetic changes you may make to your property, and more. It’s always important to review these rules before you purchase a property to make sure that you will be comfortable living within the community.

For some horse owners, buying a horse property within an equestrian community sounds like a dream come true. For others, it’s not a good match. If you’re looking at horse property for sale within an equestrian community, be sure to carefully think about what living in that community would be like.

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