Items You Should Always Have With You When Transporting Your Horse

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You’ve looked at horse floats for sale, have bought the perfect float, and are looking forward to transporting your horse to shows, clinics, and off-farm trail rides. Great! But before you load up your horse, take a look at the below list of items that you should always have with you when you’re transporting your horse.

Medical and Ownership Papers

You never know what situations you’ll encounter while you’re transporting your horse, so it’s a good idea to always have his medical and ownership papers on hand. Whether you have registration papers or a bill of sale, keep a copy in your truck so that you can prove that you own your horse if you’re asked. Along with these papers, keep copies of your horse’s latest vaccination records and medical certificate. You can keep all of these papers together in a waterproof envelope so that you have them if you need them.

Extra Halter and Lead Rope

Halters have a way of breaking at the worst time possible, so make it a practice of storing an extra halter and lead rope in your horse float. You never know when you’ll need them.

First-Aid Kit

Accidents happen, and the last thing you want is for your horse to be injured while you’re on the road. Dealing with injuries while you’re traveling is far easier if you make sure that your horse float is stocked with a thorough horse first-aid kit. While you’re at it, add a human first-aid kit to your truck, too.


Many horses don’t appreciate the fact that water tastes differently in different locations, and some horses will even refuse to drink strange water. Pack extra water at home and load it into your horse float so that you can provide your horse with familiar water, even when you’re traveling. Large water coolers can provide a convenient way to store and transport water.

Extra Feed

Changing your horse’s feed – even his hay – suddenly can lead to digestive upset and even colic. While you might be planning a one-day trip, you might encounter circumstances that require you to extend the trip’s duration. When you travel with your horse, always pack more feed and hay than you think you will need.

Mobile Phone

Never transport your horse without bringing along a fully charged mobile phone. Your mobile phone can be your link to help, so make sure that you have it whenever you head out on the road.

After looking at horse floats for sale and finding that perfect float, it’s time to start packing for your first trip with your horse. Have a great time!

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