Keeping Your Horse Comfortable When Traveling Long Distances

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Are you planning on traveling to shows or trail rides far away with your horse? If so, the first step to your journey will be looking at horse floats for sale and buying a horse float that is right for you. But it will also be important for you to know the various steps you can take to help keep your horse comfortable on long trips. Here are some things to think about.

Invest In Air Ride

When looking at horse trucks or horse floats for sale, consider looking for a vehicle that has an air ride system. An air ride system will lessen the strain of long travel for your horse. Such a system minimizes the impact of the road on the horse’s legs – your horse won’t feel every single jolt and bump in the road like he would feel in a small horse float.

Support and Protect Your Horse’s Legs

Before you load your horse onto a horse float for a long trip, prepare his legs so that they are supported and protected during the drive. Wrapping your horse’s legs with pillow wraps and standing bandages will help to minimize fluid buildup from your horse’s reduced activity. Alternatively, shipping bandages or shipping wraps can also protect and support your horse’s legs during the drive.

Stop Frequently

Plan your trip so that you can frequently stop and give your horse a break while on the road. Try to find areas where you can safely unload your horse from the float to let him stretch his legs and get some fresh air. If it is unsafe to unload your horse, then make sure that you at least check on him on a regular basis, provide him with water, and replenish his supply of hay. You may also need to put on or remove a horse rug as the temperature changes over the course of the day.

Schedule Overnight Stays

When traveling long distances that cannot be easily completed in a day, instead of pushing ahead and making one long continuous trip that takes you into the night, schedule an overnight stay. Making arrangements for you and your horse to spend a night at a stop on the road will help lessen the strain of travel on both of you. Find an agistment along your travel route that provides stalls for one-night stays, and give your horse the comfort of getting off the trailer and into a space where he can lie down and rest. You will also be a safer driver if you spend a night in a location where you can get quality sleep.

Travel can be hard on horses. When you’re looking at horse floats for sale, consider how far you will be traveling and how you can make the trip easier on your horse.

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