Knowing when it's time for a new horse

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Have you been debating over whether it’s time to start looking at horses for sale? Although it would be nice to be able to keep our same horse throughout his entire life, some horses just aren’t a good match. How do you know when it’s time to look for a new horse?

A Matter of Safety

Your safety should be top priority when determining whether your current horse is a good match for you. If your horse is highly reactive or is simply too strong or challenging for your riding skill and experience, then he is not a good or safe match for you. Trying to make things work with a horse who is too much for will only endanger your safety.

Additionally, if you don’t feel safe, your rides will be unpleasant. We ride horses because we enjoy doing so; if you come to dread each ride, then it is time to either enlist the help of a talented trainer, or to start looking at other horses for sale.

Outgrowing in Size

Children and young adults who get horses or ponies early on in their riding careers may find themselves faced with the fact that they simply outgrow their mounts in size. In such cases, it is unfair to ask the same horse or pony to continue to carry that rider, since the strain on the horse’s body will be too much. Sad as it is, in these situations it is best for the rider to start looking for a new mount.

Advancing In Skill

It is also possible to simply outgrow our horses in terms of abilities. As we continue to advance and learn more as riders, we may be in need of a horse who can perform higher level movements. Making a move upwards in competition levels can also necessitate that a new horse be found, as a previous mount may be unable to meet the physical demands of higher level competition.

The Need for Retirement

Finally, sometimes horses need to be retired from their current careers. Old age and injuries may mean that our equine partners can no longer keep up with the level of athleticism that we ask of them. Luckily there are many options for retiring a horse.

It would be wonderful if a single horse could stay with us through his whole life, but sometimes the match between a horse and rider is unsuitable. Buying a horse is often the best option, and luckily there are always plenty of horses for sale. If you find that your current horse is a poor match, consider looking into buying a new horse so that you can enjoy your riding career again. TOPHORSE–browse horses for sale or place an ad to sell horses

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