Last-Minute Items That Could Come In Handy at Your Next Horse Show

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When you’re packing up your horse float before heading off to a horse show, you might forget some items that could really come in handy. While large items like your horse’s saddle and bridle are hard to forget, these lesser-known items could be just as helpful.

Baby Powder

If your horse has areas of white, a little baby powder can help to make them shine. Even if you’ve bathed your horse’s white legs the day before the show, they always seem to get dirty again. Rub a little baby powder into your horse’s white hair to help give it a beautifully clean appearance.

Baling Twine

Having a few strands of baling twine in your grooming kit can come in handy. From creating a safe breakaway loop to tie your horse to the horse float with, to hanging buckets and making last-minute repairs, baling twine is versatile and helpful in the horse show environment.

Safety Pins

Things have a way of breaking during horse shows, so having baby pins on hand is a great idea. Baby pins can not only secure your competitor number in place, they can be used to make temporary repairs on show coats and show shirts.


Horse shows often mean long hours in the sun, and it’s important to keep your skin protected. Bring a tube of sunscreen and reapply it frequently throughout the day. If your horse has white points on his nose or around his eyes, he can also benefit from an application of sunscreen to help keep these sensitive areas protected.

Bug Spray

You will likely remember to bring fly spray for your horse, but don’t forget to bring some bug spray for yourself. Thick bugs can make a day showing unpleasant, and they’re really distracting in the show ring. Spray yourself down with bug spray to help keep your ride bug-free.

Bobbi Pins

Bobbi pins are highly useful for taming flyaway hairs and for keeping your hair net in place. Keep a few in your helmet bag so that they’re easily accessible if you need them.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes come in handy for last-minute touch-ups before you enter the show ring. They’re great for wiping off a dusty muzzle or slobbery mouth, and can also be used to wipe off bits and stirrups.


You won’t think you need to pack scissors until you get to the show and find yourself desperately in need of them. Pack a pair of scissors in your grooming kit so that you have them on hand for trimming hairs, removing tags, and performing any other tasks that come up.

Horse shows are fast-paced days, and having the right tools on hand can make them easier and less stressful.

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