Loading a Horse Onto a Horse Float

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When buying a horse float and looking at the horse floats for sale, are you wondering how you’ll ever get your horse on board? Loading a horse onto a horse float isn’t too difficult, but it’s important to keep both yourself and your horse safe during the process.

Get the Horse Float Ready

Before you begin the loading process, it is important to properly prepare the horse float so that it will be safe to load your horse. Hitch your horse float up to your truck; never load a horse onto a float which is on blocks and not hitched to a proper vehicle.

Open the back door of the float, but make sure that any escape doors are closed. If your horse float has a middle divider, swing it open to the side and secure it to the trailer wall so that your horse has more space to enter the trailer.

If you will be hauling your horse, close any windows or make sure that the screens are closed. Hang a hay bag for your horse or put hay in the manger if your horse float has one. Enlist the help of a friend who can close the back trailer doors once you and your horse are safely on board.

Use Safe Equipment

Prepare your horse for loading by equipping him with safety gear. It is important to put safety equipment on your horse even if you will only be practicing loading, since injuries can happen quickly and unexpectedly. Put shipping boots on all four of your horse’s legs to protect him. Also consider putting a head bumper on your horse to keep him safe if he should hit his head on the float’s ceiling while loading or unloading.

Always wear gloves and proper footgear when loading your horse onto the horse float. Put a breakable halter (one that is leather, or that has a leather safety release) on your horse, and use a lead line that is long enough so that you have plenty of room to maneuver around the horse.

Beginning to Load

With the float’s back door secured open so that it does not swing, confidently walk your horse toward the horse float. If he is nervous about the float, let him stop and sniff the entrance for a moment, then encourage him to walk forward and onto the float.

As your horse enters the horse float, slip in front of him and move forward quickly. Encourage your horse to step all the way forward into the space, then halt him and praise him. Keep yourself out of harm’s way – if your float has a breast bar, slip under it so that you are not still in the small space with your horse.

Securing Your Horse

The method you use to secure your horse will depend on the horse float that you own. If your horse float has a partition to secure before you close the back door, then make sure that any and all partitions and bars are closed and secured. Then, close the back door of the float and secure all of the latches.

Many horse floats have areas for trailer ties; tie your horse and exit the float through a side door or escape door. Double-check that all of the doors are latched securely before you begin to transport your horse.

Loading a horse onto a horse float requires a little bit for patience and much attention to safety. When buying a horse float, think about whether loading a horse onto each of the floats for sale would be easy or more difficult based on the float’s doors and loading systems.

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