Marketing Your Stallion at Stud

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Are you looking to help make your stallion at stud stand out from the other stallions? Marketing your stallion well can lead to increased bookings and a higher demand. Here are some tips to help you market your stallion at stud.

Invest In Professionals

Your stallion’s ad is highly important to his success, and it’s vital that the ad depicts your stallion in top form. Poor or lackluster photos can damage your stallion’s bookings, as mare owners will likely turn away. Average photos present your stallion as being average, and when owners are looking for a breeding stallion, they’re looking for the best of the best.

Invest in having professional photos taken of your stallion to include in the ad, as well as on your stallion’s website. Be sure that your stallion is prepped, shining, and showcased in positions that flatter and highlight his best qualities. Hiring a professional designer to create the ad itself and the website can help ensure that they are both of top quality and represent your stallion in an appealing and accurate fashion.

Highlight Your Stallion’s Strengths

Within the ad text, your stallion’s website, and the photos you use, be sure that you promote your stallion’s strengths. You should have a listing ready of his most prestigious awards, as well as any breed inspections or designations that he has received. If your stallion has offspring that have begun to receive awards, make sure to include a listing of them. If possible, include quality photographs of your stallion’s offspring, also.

Advertise Your Stallion Frequently

Unlike shopping for horses for sale, the decision of which stallion to breed to a mare is one that is made gradually, often over a period of months or years. Just advertising your stallion during peak breeding season probably isn’t going to be enough to draw dozens of mare owners. Instead, you will want to advertise your stallion at stud frequently and repeatedly, and in different venues. This frequent advertising will help to familiarize mare owners with your stallion and will hopefully keep him among their stallion choices.

Get Creative

In addition to traditional advertising, there are countless ways to get word out about your stallion’s availability. Consider sponsoring a class or division at a show where quality mares will be present. Offering a contest or other promotion can help further spread word about your stallion.

Marketing your stallion at stud is a very important part of your stallion’s breeding success. Take marketing seriously, and don’t be afraid to enlist professional help to better represent your stallion.

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