Mistakes When Deciding to Breed Your Mare

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Are you looking at stallion at stud with dreams of breeding your mare? Breeding your mare is a big decision, and it can have major implications on your time and finances for years. Before you decide to breed your mare, take a look at these common mistakes.

Breeding for the Sake of Breeding

In breeding your mare, you will be bringing another horse into the world. That horse will need care, training, and a home for the rest of his life. If you’re planning on breeding your mare because you think that raising a foal would be fun, you may want to reconsider your reasons for breeding. Remember, your mare will pass characteristics onto her foal. If your mare isn’t of excellent quality with desirable temperament and great conformation, then breeding her will likely result in a foal of average quality at best.

Breeding Without an Emergency Fund

Breeding a horse is expensive to begin with, but when you factor in all that can go wrong, the cost can increase dramatically. Veterinary fees, especially emergency veterinary fees, are significant, and if your mare has a troublesome pregnancy, you may be seeing the vet on a regular basis. If you decide to breed, you should absolutely have a substantial emergency fund set aside to deal with unexpected happenings. If you don’t, or if your emergency fund isn’t as large as you think it should be, consider putting off the breeding until you have more saved up.

Breeding Without Planning for the Future

Foals require special facilities to keep them safe, and can get into trouble incredibly easily. When deciding to breed your mare, consider how you will care for the mare and foal once the foal is born. You will need a large stall suitable for foaling, and the paddock fencing must be adapted to keep a foal safely contained. You will also need facilities to properly wean the foal from its mare, and to eventually start its training.

Breeding to a Sub-Par Stallion

When looking at stallion at stud, you will want to select the best stallion that you can afford. The stallion will pass on characteristics to the foal, and since breeding is already partially dependent on chance, choosing the right stallion for your mare can have a major influence on the quality of the foal produced. If you cannot afford the stud fee for a quality stallion, it is best to put off the breeding until you can afford a stallion who is worthy of your mare.

Before you start looking at stallion at stud, make sure that you’re really ready to breed your mare and that you’re not making any of these common breeding mistakes.

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