Natural Mobility Joint Care

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AN ALL NATURAL ANTI INFLAMMATORY for the prevention and relief of sore joints, ligaments and tendons in horses.

JOINT CARE is made in New Zealand from the New Zealand Green Lipped mussel, long known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Made from only the very best premium quality New Zealand mussels available, the Lipped mussel is cold produced so it will not lose its potency.
Joint care has shown improvement in most horses mobility from as early as day four to ten, but some have shown improvement from day two onwards. It is well tolerated by horses, can be used long term and is completely drug free.

Dosage amount is very small even when considering the size of the horse and its ailment.  For example a pony around 13hh with severe arthritis would initially require 5 grams morning and night for the first ten days. From day eleven dosage required is halved at 5 grams daily (5grams = 1 x teaspoon).

After two months on this dose, the dose can come down to a maintenance dose of 2.5 grams per day. 

Combined with Natural Mobility’s Marine Calcium (from the bones of deep sea ocean fish and collagen) results can be even more impressive as the Marine Calcium addresses the bone degeneration associated with arthritis.  

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