Options to Consider When Outfitting Your Gooseneck Horse Float

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If you are looking at goosenecks for sale, then you’ve probably discovered that gooseneck horse floats tend to come with all sorts of optional features. When outfitting your horse float, you’ll definitely want to consider these valuable options.

Walk-Out Side Ramp

A walk-out side ramp is one great option to consider including on your gooseneck horse float. Because goosenecks are often longer than your standard bumper-pull float, it is sometimes possible to include a side ramp. When you have a side ramp, you can walk your horse right off the float without asking him to back up or turn around to exit. This option is often easier on a horse’s body, and makes for faster unloading.

Dressing Room

A dressing room is a must-have option for many float owners. Having a dressing room helps to keep things organized while also giving you plenty of storage (and sometimes a place to change while at horse shows). Always opt for the dressing room!

Camping Quarters

If you love camping and are serious about traveling with your horses, it may be worth it to invest in a float which includes camping quarters for you. Camping quarters can range from the basic to the luxurious, giving you a wide range of options if you’re buying your horse float brand-new. Whether you’re traveling to new trail ride locations or will be camping out during a long show, having camping quarters in your horse float increases its versatility and gives you more options when you’re on the road.

Side Awning

Many horse floats are equipped with a side awning which can be rolled out to offer shade during a hot summer day. This is a popular option, since it can offer you some respite during hot summer events.

Box Stall Options

If you plan on hauling your horses a long distance, the option to convert straight stalls to box stalls may make for a more comfortable, relaxing trip for your horse. Many gooseneck horse floats feature slant loads, but some do offer the option to convert the float to box stalls for longer trips.

The exact options that you’ll want in your horse float depend on your individual preferences and intended use for the float. Give each one careful consideration as you look at goosenecks for sale.

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