Organising Your Horse Float’s Dressing Room

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If you’ve recently looked at horse floats for sale, you’ll notice that there are a variety of dressing room setups available for different horse floats. Having a dressing room in a horse float is a great convenience – it allows you to store your horse’s tack and your clothes safely and securely. But dressing rooms can be tight, so it’s important that you put thought into just how you organise your dressing room.

Space Matters

When organising your horse float’s dressing room, you’ll want to optimize the amount of space available. That means finding ways to use as much of the dressing room space as possible. Think up – saddle racks typically come mounted in dressing rooms, but there is generally more space above them. Make use of the full height of the walls – installing storage racks or baskets will give you more usable space in the dressing room.

Multipurpose Storage

If possible, find multiple ways to use the same space. Can you hang your helmet bag from the bottom of the saddle rack? Or can you add storage shelves to the bottom of the rack? If you need to bring along a grooming stool, opt for one that provides storage in its bottom container.

Tie It Down

Remember that your horse float will be on the move, so be sure that every item you store in the dressing room is secure. Invest for clips for items that are awkward to store, like whips and pitchforks, so that these can be attached to the dressing room’s side walls. If you stack anything, make sure that you do so in a corner so that the items do not tip over during transport. And always double-check that any liquids are secure – the last thing you’ll want to find when you arrive is that a bottle of hoof dressing has spilled all over your dressing room floor.

Accessibility Is Important

No matter how much equipment you manage to pack into your horse float’s dressing room, none of it will matter if you cannot easily reach the items that you need. When packing your horse float, consider which items will be the first ones that you’ll need at your destination, and make sure those items are located towards the front of your dressing room.

When you’re looking at horse floats for sale, take a look at the different dressing room styles available. Once you buy the right horse float for you, there are a number of ways that you can organise its dressing room.

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