Pony Club Ponies - Starting Out

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When looking at ponies for sale or getting ready to buy a pony, you may have the idea of joining Pony Club in mind. Here are some tips to help get you prepared to join Pony Club.

Understanding Pony Club Pony Club is an organization which was created to help young riders learn about riding and proper horse care. Individual chapters of Pony Club are available all over the world; chances are there’s a local Pony Club in your own neighborhood. Local clubs are run by qualified equine professionals; they teach riders important skills and oversee group riding lessons and events.

Pony Clubs meet regularly, and sessions are both mounted and unmounted. High emphasis is placed on proper horse care, and the horse’s welfare is always put first. Additionally, young riders receive instruction while in the saddle with an emphasis on overall horsemanship and riding skill. Pony Club is known for the great care it takes in educating young riders about how to work with horses safely. It is known as a reputable organization which puts strong, well-developed foundations on young riders.

Finding Your Local Club

A simple Google search will reveal whether your county has a Pony Club organization; Australia’s Pony Club website is available at www.ponyclubaustralia.com.au. The national organization’s website will have an online directory of all local clubs. If you cannot find a local club, then contact the national organization, and they may be able to tell you if one is forming in your area.

Buying a Pony

It is usually not necessary to buy a pony simply to join Pony Club. While all members will need to have access to a pony or horse, many clubs are willing to help a rider find a pony to borrow or lease during the club time. Check with your local club about its particular rules regarding members owning ponies, but don’t automatically assume that you will have to start looking at ponies for sale just in order to join the club.

Required Equipment and Costs

When you join Pony Club, you will need an ASTM-certified riding helmet. Individual clubs may require additional equipment, such as jodhpurs, paddock boots, and gloves. Annual membership fees apply, but each individual club’s cost differs, so it is best to contact your local club to find out about their specific equipment and cost requirements.

What to Expect

Expect to commit to at least a few required meetings a month, both mounted and unmounted. In addition, club members often participate in events, such as horse shows and equine trivia competitions. If you have a pony of your own, you will need to find horse transportation to both the mounted meetings and events.

Pony Club is a significant commitment, but the education that it provides cannot be beat. Not only will you learn volumes about riding, horsemanship, and horse care, you will make friends with other young riders and gain valuable skills which will make you a better horseperson.

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