Potential Expenses When Selling Your Horse

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When you plan to sell a horse, it seems logical that the sale would bring in money, rather than costing you money. But did you know that there are some common expenses associated with selling a horse that you should be sure to budget for?

Advertising Costs

One of the expenses that you may face is the cost of advertising your horse for sale. There are many different venues where you can advertise your horse, and some cost more than others. Online horse classifieds, like Top Horse, are relatively low-cost but reach thousands of people. On the other hand, some owners like to advertise their horses in breed publications. The right advertising costs for your horse will depend on your asking price, your budget, and the type of audience that you’re trying to reach.

Photography Costs

No sale ad is complete without quality photos of your horse. If you already have quality photos, then this issue is taken care of. However, if you don’t yet have good photos of your horse, then it may be worth it to pay a photographer to get some great photos. You may ask a friend to take photos, but if you’re marketing an upper-level horse, then professional photos will greatly help to enhance his ad.

Remember, too, that many buyers will want to see video of your horse. It may be easiest to find a photographer/videographer who can take both photos and videos.

Board and Care

Selling a horse can take a while. Sometimes you find a buyer right away, but other times you may be trying to sell your horse for months and months. Be sure that you budget for your horse’s care and upkeep during the time that you’re trying to sell him.

Riding Costs

You will need someone to ride your horse when he is being shown to potential buyers. If you can ride the horse yourself, that’s great. But sometimes you may want a different rider (or a smaller rider, in the case of selling a pony) to show the horse to buyers. Expect to pay for this service – after all, the rider is helping you with a sale, and will generally want a flat fee for riding your horse during each showing.

Hopefully all goes well and you sell your horse quickly. But before you advertise your horse for sale, make sure that you also budget for the expenses associated with selling a horse.

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