Pre-Show Checklist

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After looking at horses for sale and finding just the right horse for you, you’re probably pretty excited to bring him to a horse show. Horse shows are a great chance to put everything that you and your new horse have learned to the test, but there’s a lot of preparation involved, too. Use the basic checklist below to make sure that you’re prepared, and don’t forget to add on any “to-do” activities that are specific to your individual show. Good luck!

Registration: If at all possible, register for the show in advance. Many shows offer discounted prices if you register by a certain date, which can save you money. Also, registration booths at shows can be crowded places, and you may have to stand in line. You will have enough to do on the show day; take some of the stress off by registering in advance.

Paperwork: When you register, be sure to find out what paperwork you will need to bring with you on show day. Different shows have different requirements; many of them require proof that your horse has tested negative for certain diseases. If you will be competing in breed divisions, you may need breed-specific paperwork. Find out exactly what you will need and prepare the paperwork in advance so that you will be sure that you have it with you on show day.

Horse Preparation: The day before the show, clip and bathe your horse. Pull his mane if necessary for your discipline. If you will need to braid his mane or tail, make sure that you have the necessary supplies, like braiding bands, yarn, and scissors. Decide whether you will braid his mane and tail on the night before or the morning of the show. Whichever you choose, make sure to leave yourself enough time to braid so that you are not rushed, and that you protect his braids from being rubbed on the way to the show.

Supply Preparation: Before you start packing, sit down and make a checklist of all of the supplies and horse items that you will need to take with you to the show. The last thing you want to do is arrive at the show only to discover that you’ve forgotten a vital item, like a girth or a bridle. Make a checklist and stick to it as you pack.

Horse Float Preparation: If you are traveling to a show, it’s important to prepare your horse float or horse truck ahead of time. Be sure that the float is safe and ready to transport your horse. Check the floorboards for any signs of weakness, and make sure that the tires are in good shape and are full of air.

Horse shows involve lots of work and preparation. If possible, do things ahead of time to lessen the stress of the show day itself.

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