Preparing the First-Time Horse Owner

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Do you know someone who is buying a horse for the first time? The process of looking at horses for sale and buying a horse can be overwhelming when you’re a first-time horse owner. If you have a friend or client who is trying to navigate buying a horse, here are some ways that you can help make the process easier for them.

Give Them an Idea of the Process

Buying a horse is unlike buying a car. There are no warrantees, and you’re dealing with a living animal who has a unique character. First-time horse owners may not yet understand the process of buying a horse and exactly how it works. If a person blindly walks into buying a horse, they can end up with a horse that is not suitable for them and the situation can even become dangerous.

You can help a first-time horse owner by giving them information on buying a horse and how the process works. Explain the importance of looking at many horses for sale and being patient until the right horse comes along. Reading and understanding horse for sale ads is an art in itself, so you can help a new buyer decipher the language and subtleties of sale ads. Encourage the buyer to connect with a veterinarian who can do a pre-purchase exam on any potential horses.

Answer Questions

As a first-time buyer navigates the horse buying process, questions are bound to arise. Making yourself available to help answer questions is a great way to provide the buyer with a well-informed resource. You might also provide the buyer with a book on equine conformation and basic horse ownership skills to help prepare them for what lies ahead.

Help Look at Horses for Sale

Looking at horses for sale can be overwhelming even to the experienced buyer. A first-time horse owner may not know where to start. Offer to come along and provide guidance on the process – chances are the buyer will be grateful for the extra set of eyes.

As you help the buyer through the process of looking at horses for sale, explain to them why a particular horse may or may not be suitable for their needs. Show the buyer what you are looking for in the horse; by explaining your approach to the process you are helping to educate the buyer so that they can be better prepared for when they look for a new horse in the future.

Buying a horse is a big, complicated process. You can help the first-time horse owner navigate it safely and confidently.

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