Preparing to Bring Home Your First Horse

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Congratulations! You’ve tried out horses for sale, found the perfect one, and are now buying your first horse. Before you bring home your horse, there are some tasks you should do to prepare for a horse, especially if you are a first-time horse owner.

Find a Trainer

Before you bring home your first horse, you will want to find a trainer or other experienced horse person who can help you through the experience. Owning a horse requires lots of knowledge, and even if you perform thorough research, nothing can replace life experience with horses. A knowledgeable trainer can help you with the planning and transportation of your new horse. He or she can also make recommendations on how to keep the horse healthy, and can help you establish a bond with and begin to ride your new horse.

Find a Vet and Farrier

You will want to find and connect with a veterinarian and farrier before you bring your first horse home. Both the vet and farrier will work closely with you to keep your horse healthy and safe, so it is best to establish a relationship with them now, before you have an emergency and need their help.

If you need help finding a vet or farrier, ask your trainer and friends who ride for their recommendations. Once you have found a vet and farrier, call their offices and explain that you are getting a horse. You may wish to set up an initial appointment to have your vet meet and evaluate the horse, and your farrier may schedule the first appointment to come trim and shoe the horse.

Secure a Stall in an Agistment

You will need a place to keep your horse, so before you get ready to bring your new horse home, make sure that you have secured a stall in an agistment. Many agistments will ask you to sign a contract agreeing to their rules and regulations. You will also need to provide payment for at least the first month’s worth of upkeep fees. Take care of this paperwork before you set about transporting your horse.

Buy Your Supplies

Keeping a horse requires many supplies. You can find tack for sale and horse items for sale used, which can help you to save some money on the initial investment of owning a horse. Be sure to purchase a grooming kit, tack, first-aid kit, and rugs for your horse.

Find out what kind of hay and grain your horse is currently eating, and purchase the same kind for him to eat when you bring him home. Horses have sensitive digestive systems, and any sudden dietary change can lead to trouble. The horse’s current owner may agree to let you purchase hay and grain directly from them to keep the horse’s feed consistent during the transition.

Buying your first horse is exciting! Make sure to follow these steps so that you are well prepared when you bring your first horse home. TOPHORSE–browse horses for sale or place an ad to sell horses

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