Preparing to Lease Out Your Horse

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Are you considering leasing out your horse? Leasing a horse can be a great alternative to listing your horse for sale and selling your horse. Leasing a horse can also help with the financial and time demands of horse ownership. But before you start looking for someone to lease your horse, here are some important preparations that you should make.

Decide How Many Days the Lease Is For

Will you be offering a part or a full lease of your horse? Part leases generally grant the lessee access to your horse for a specified number of days per week. Decide how many days per week you are willing to lease your horse for, and think about what specific days of the week they will be.

Determine What Experience the Rider Needs

You should carefully consider how much experience a rider will need to safely work with your horse. If your horse is challenging on the ground or under saddle, then it is important to find a rider with abilities and experience that are sufficient to safely work with your horse. Remember, you will be entrusting your horse’s safety to the lessee, so be sure that they have strong horse knowledge and riding abilities.

Decide on the Lease Price

How much will you be asking for the lease? Will you be offering a free lease to someone who is willing to help cover the costs of keeping your horse? Or will you be offering a partial lease and charging a fee that goes to partially covering your horse’s expenses? It is a great idea to look around and see what prices other horses are being leased for so that you can price your lease comparably.

Decide on the Lessee’s Responsibilities

Will a lessee be responsible for paying part or all of your horse’s vet or farrier bills? What about the cost of your horse’s upkeep? Will the lessee be required to come and care for your horse on their assigned days, and will they need to clean his stall or perform other duties? Decide just what the lessee’s responsibilities will be.

Determine Any Limitations

You will want to have a list of any limitations to the lease. For instance, is the lessee allowed to let other people ride your horse? Can the lessee ride your horse off of the property? Is the lessee allowed to jump or trail ride your horse, and can he or she ride your horse in shows?

Draw Up a Contract

It’s important to have a strong contract in any lease. Standard lease contracts are available online, and you can tailor them to include any specifications that will apply to your horse’s lease.

Leasing your horse can be a great option, but the more planning you’ve done beforehand, the smoother the lease may go.

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