Preventing the Spread of Disease in Your Agistment

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When you’re looking at horses for sale and are buying or selling horses, the spread of disease is a big concern. If you are bringing a new horse into your agistment, then ideally you will want to quarantine that horse. While quarantine isn’t always possible, there are additional ways that you can help to avoid and prevent the spread of disease from one horse to another in the same agistment.

Keep Grooming Kits Separate

Each horse in the agistment should have his own grooming kit that is used only on him. Disease can easily be transferred through the use of brushes and rags, so invest in separate grooming materials for every horse in the barn. Keep the grooming materials clearly labeled with each horse’s name, and store materials in a separate bucket or tote for each horse.

Minimize Contact

Disease spreads easily through contact from horse to horse, so it is best to minimize the amount of contact that the horses have with each other. Horses that are turned out together in groups should stay in those groups and shouldn’t be switched around. They also shouldn’t come into contact with any other horses in the agistment.

Use Separate Supplies

Each horse should have its own water buckets and feed buckets, and these buckets shouldn’t be swapped around. When cleaning the buckets, keep them separate and make sure that they are returned to the right stall. It’s also important to remember not to drop a hose into a water bucket to fill it – doing this can transfer germs into the water. Instead, hold the hose above the bucket as it fills.

Don’t Swap Saddle Pads

Keep a saddle pad separate for each horse. Ideally, each horse should have his own set of tack, but sometimes tack does need to be swapped between horses. Saddles are the safest to swap, but bridles can also be swapped as long as they are thoroughly cleaned, including the bit, between each horse.

Wash Your Hands

When handling different horses, wash your hands in between each horse. This can help stop the spread of disease, and is a good practice to continue when you visit other agistments or try out horses for sale, too.

Practicing these tips can help to minimize the spread of disease within an agistment. Whether looking at horses for sale and bringing home a new horse, or keeping your own horse safe from disease when new horses enter the agistment, careful attention can keep your horse healthy.

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