Preventing the Spread of Disease When Trying Out Horses for Sale

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When you’re buying a new horse and trying out different horses for sale, it is important to remember that diseases can be spread from horse to horse without the horses ever actually coming into contact. This means that if you visit an agistment housing a sick horse, you could potentially carry those germs home to your agistment on your hands or clothes, passing the disease on to a horse at your agistment or to your current horse. When trying out different horses for sale, follow these tips to help reduce the risk of spreading disease.

Go a Different Day

Ideally, it is best to go try out a horse for sale on a day when you don’t have to go to your agistment afterwards. If this can’t be accomplished, then schedule your day so that you go to your agistment first, then go to try out the horse after.

Use Different Equipment

If possible, use a riding helmet and boots that you don’t typically wear at your own agistment when you are trying out a horse for sale. Using different equipment means that you won’t have to then bring that equipment back to your own agistment. An old pair of riding boots and a spare helmet can be ideal for accomplishing this.

Bring a Saddle Pad

If you choose to bring your saddle with you when test riding a horse, then bring a saddle pad that is specifically for test riding horses. Using this pad will help to prevent bringing germs back to your horse. Be sure to thoroughly wash the saddle pad before using it on your horse. Cleaning your saddle can also be a good idea.

Pack Spare Clothes

When you go to test ride a horse for sale, bring an extra outfit that you can change into afterwards. Put your used riding clothes into a plastic bag and tie the bag shut. Leave the bag in your car until you arrive home, then put it straight into the wash.

Bring Sanitizer

You won’t always have the chance to wash your hands thoroughly after test riding a horse, so bring along hand sanitizer to use just in case. Hand sanitizer can cut down on the germs on your hands, reducing your chance of spreading those germs to your horse. Before you interact with your horse, be sure that you have had the chance to thoroughly wash your hands.

When looking at horses for sale and trying out horses, it’s important to use caution in preventing the spread of disease back to horses at your current agistment.

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