Questions to Ask When Buying Used Horse Rugs

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Horse rugs can get expensive, especially when you own multiple horses or need to buy multiple rugs. Buying used horse rugs can help you to save money, but it’s also important that you ask the right questions. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a rug that wasn’t quite what you were expecting.

Is the rug still waterproof?

If you’re buying a rug for use in the turnout, make sure that you ask the seller if the rug is still waterproof. With age and use, some rugs tend to lose their waterproof capabilities. While you can try to re-waterproof a rug, it isn’t always successful. Some sellers decide to sell their rugs when they start to lose their waterproof properties, so make sure that you ask before buying.

Does the rug run true to size?

Be sure to ask whether the rug’s size is accurate. Some rugs run small, and a seller may be getting rid of a rug that doesn’t fit their horse because of this size issue. It’s also a good idea to ask whether the original size tag is still intact, or if the seller has measured and sized the rug themselves. (This leaves more room for error.)

Are there any tears or damage to the rug?

Specifically ask if there are any tears or damage to the rug. If there is damage, then request pictures of each damaged area.

Have damaged areas been professionally repaired?

Ask about any repairs that have been made to the rug. Find out if these repairs were made by a professional. If they weren’t, you may need to budget for a professional repair in order to prevent the damage from getting worse.

Has the rug been properly cleaned?

Find out if the rug is currently clean, and ask if it’s been professionally cleaned in the past. If the rug is for turnout use and the previous seller has been cleaning it themselves, they may have damaged the waterproofing by using traditional laundry detergent.

Has the rug ever been dried in a dryer?

Finally, ask if the rug has ever been put in a laundry dryer. Drying a rug can cause it to shrink, and it can also damage the waterproofing. It’s best to avoid a rug that has ever been put into a dryer.

It takes a little work to ensure that you’re buying a used horse rug in good condition, but ultimately you can save some money if you find a good deal on a used horse rug.

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