Questions to Ask When Looking at an Allrounder for Sale

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When looking for an allrounder, you will probably look at many good horses for sale. A good allrounder is priceless, but it can also be a challenge to find a horse who is truly an allrounder. When looking at horses for sale, you’ll want to make sure that the horse you finally buy can really hold up to the challenge of being an allrounder horse. Here are some questions you’ll want to be sure to ask.

What exactly has the horse done in the past?

Find out why the sellers consider the horse an allrounder. Ask for a specific list of the activities that the horse has done in the past, and find out how long the horse performed the activities and how successful he was. If the horse has been shown, request a list of the highlights of his winnings and the levels at which he competed.

Has the horse ever done X, Y, or Z?

Are you buying an allrounder with specific activities in mind? If you want a horse who can jump, barrel race, and trail ride calmly, then you’ll want to ask whether the horse has previously done such activities. Get specific and ask about the horse’s experience and how successful he was in each activity. If he hasn’t participated in one of the activities, then ask if there is a specific reason why. You will also want to make sure that the horse has been ridden in the same style saddles that you plan to ride him in.

Why are you selling the horse?

Allrounders are priceless, and a good allrounder can be hard to come by. Ask the sellers why they’ve decided to sell the horse. Answers such as “We want him to be enjoyed by someone” may raise red flags, especially if the owners are still involved with horses and seemingly have no other reason to be selling the horse.

How old is the horse?

It can take years before a horse is considered a good, experienced allrounder. Be sure to inquire as to the horse’s age, since many allrounders may be older. There’s nothing wrong with an older horse, but you will want to remember that the older the horse, the more limited your years with him may be. Injuries and physical issues may also become more common with older horses.

When looking at an allrounder for sale, be sure to ask specific questions to gain an understanding of the horse’s experience and abilities.

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