Questions to Ask When Looking at Horse Floats for Sale

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Are you planning on buying a horse float? If so, you’ll probably look at a number of different horse floats for sale before finding the horse float that’s just right for you. When looking at horse floats, it’s important to ask the right questions so that you get the right information in return. Wondering what to ask? We’ve covered some of the basic questions for you.

What is the horse float’s weight?

When you’re buying a horse float, you will want to be sure that your tow vehicle can safely pull the float. Ask to see the horse float’s weight (generally listed on or near the hitch). When calculating whether the float will work with your vehicle, remember that you are seeing the empty weight of the horse float. Don’t forget to calculate in the weight of your horses, tack, supplies, feed, and water.

What maintenance has the horse float received?

Horse floats need regular maintenance to keep them safe. Repacking the bearings, rotating the tires, and replacing worn floorboards are just some of the maintenance that should be performed on a yearly basis. Ask the seller what maintenance has been performed on the horse float, and when the horse float was last serviced.

Has the horse float ever been in an accident?

Accidents happen, but if the horse float has ever been involved in one, even if it was minor, you will want to know about it. Even small collisions can stress a horse float’s frame, possibly jeopardizing its safety. If it turns out that the horse float you’re considering has been involved in an accident, then make sure to have it thoroughly evaluated by a qualified mechanic.

How old is the horse float?

Age isn’t necessarily a defining factor when looking at horse floats for sale, but it can play into a float’s safety and required maintenance. Older floats may be more affordable, but remember that they may also need some significant maintenance or repairs, like replacing or reinforcing their floors. Finding out a horse float’s age can give you a better idea of potential expenses to come.

Has the horse float been in regular use?

Ask the seller if the float has been used regularly, or if it’s been sitting for a long period of time. Horse floats that have been regularly used have likely also been maintained, whereas floats that have been left to sit may have developed tire rot and other issues.

When looking at horse floats for sale, remember to ask these great questions to get a better idea of what you may be dealing with in each horse float.

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