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Since our launch in the 1990s, Jump 4 Joy has been at the forefront of the design and manufacture of the highest quality polymer horse jumps on the market. From the outset our objective has been to develop the safest, most user-friendly and durable equestrian jumps available. The sheer versatility and practicality of our product has made it a winner with home users through to professionals and large riding establishments throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

Jump 4 Joy’s jumps have set the standard both in terms of quality and practicality and our continued commitment to invest in the development and improvement of our product has led to Jump 4 Joy being recognised as a market leader in producing the highest quality range of showjumps available. We are proud to be official jump suppliers to John and Michael Whittaker, Nick Skelton, Geoff Billington, Leslie Law, Pippa and William Funnell amongst other World Class Riders. Jump 4 Joy is also the only UK approved manufacturer of an FEI Approved Safety Cup.

For Safety

After extensive consultation with some of the country’s top designers and riders, Jump 4 Joy’s horse jumps have been developed to their safest specification yet, containing no potentially dangerous metal feet or cups, no sharp edges and using a unique blend of engineering strength polymers which will not splinter or break like wood on impact or in extreme weather conditions. The polymers we use are also environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.

For Strength and Durability

Rigorous tests are carried out on all Jump 4 Joy products throughout the design process to ensure the horse jumps and the materials that go into them are as strong and durable as possible and are therefore able to withstand the rigours of equestrian sports use.

Our horse jumps are handmade at our Worcestershire factory in the UK by our team of highly skilled engineers. Manufactured using the latest technologies available and comprising the strongest engineering grade plastics - with no exposed wood to rot, splinter or repaint and no metal to rust, dent or sheer - our horse jumps are the strongest and most durable they have ever been.

Quality Guaranteed

Over the past 12 months we have invested heavily in the latest extrusion machinery enabling us to produce the highest quality plastic to Jump 4 Joy’s very own exacting standards. As we now control the quality of the plastics used for the jumps as well as the UV inhibitors and colour stabilisers that go into them, Jump 4 Joy can confidently guarantee the lifetime of its products for the benefit of its customers.

The bottom line is that we build our products to last which is why we offer an unrivalled 3 year guarantee on all Jump 4 Joy products.

Best value for money

Jump 4 Joy are the Innovators in polymer showjumps. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations - we guarantee you cannot buy polymer jumps of comparative quality at a better price!

Stronger and longer lasting: We don’t just talk about quality, we guarantee all our show jumps for strength, durability and colour fastness with an unrivalled 5 year guarantee.

Safer Jump 4 Joy’s injection moulded foot system is probably the safest in the world. Due to its design it is not only lighter than steel it is also more stable in the wind. We stopped using steel in our jumping system over 3 years ago - safety being the most important part of your jumps - so we have removed all the steel from our product.

Easier to Use

All our Wings and Stands come with Height Guides on them making for easy and accurate set up.

Unbeatable Price

We offer FEI approved safety cups for the same price most other companies are charging for fixed cup systems endorsing our commitment to safety at an unbeatable price.

More durable

All our graphic designs are printed onto 7 year outdoor vinyl now laminated with a 190micron thick anti scuff laminate giving the best protection available.

More versatile

New patented safety filler foot system which has a unique safety release feature that is not only safer as it releases on impact, but also gives you massive versatility with the option to set your filler vertically and at an angle and also allows you to convert your hanging fillers, planks etc into standing fillers, either vertically or angled.

Largest range of colours

We have the largest range of colours available in polymer jumps. With a choice of 15 standard colours, most of our jumps can be made in any combination of these to suit your requirements.

Largest range of designs

We offer an infinite range of designs and personalisation for your jumps. Having our own in-house Graphic Design and Print department means we can print virtually any image or text onto your jumps with photo quality.

Largest range of shaped designs

We offer a range of standard show jumps in a variety of unique and exciting shapes and innovative designs, and having our own in-house Cad Design and CNC Router department means we can also create any personalised or bespoke shaped jumps at extremely competitive prices.


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