Reasons to Buy a Gooseneck Horse Float

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If you’re thinking about looking at horse floats for sale, you’ll need to decide which style horse float is right for your needs. Thinking about a gooseneck horse float? Here are some reasons that a gooseneck horse float might be right for you.

You Haul Multiple Horses

Gooseneck horse floats are ideal when you frequently haul multiple horses. Goosenecks are available in configurations that can handle two, three, four, six, and even eight horses simultaneously. If you travel to show circuits with a large crew, a gooseneck may be a wise investment.

Goosenecks are also frequently larger than bumper pulls. If you have tall or large horses in your herd, a gooseneck may allow them to be transported more comfortably.

You Go On Long Trips

Heading out for a long trip? A gooseneck can make packing for your trip easier. Goosenecks feature extra storage space that bumper pulls do not, so you can keep tack, feed, and other supplies protected and locked inside your horse float, rather than storing them in the bed of your truck.

You Want a Steady Horse Float

Don’t like the feeling of a bumper pull swaying behind your truck? Goosenecks feature a hitch which helps to stabilize the horse float, making for a more enjoyable and relaxing ride for both you and your horses. If you’re new to driving horse floats, a gooseneck can be a more reassuring option.

You Love Camping Out

If you love to go camping with your horses, then you really need to have a gooseneck horse float. Goosenecks not only provide more space for both your horses and for storage items, but you can invest in a gooseneck that also features living quarters for you. Whether you’re spending the night at a local show or are setting up at a campsite to enjoy some trail riding, you’re sure to love the benefit of having a bed, some appliances, and an indoor space at your disposal.

You Want to Minimise Stress On Your Horses

Many gooseneck horse floats are designed to be more spacious than bumper pull options are. Goosenecks often include wide loading doors which allow your horse to both enter and exit headfirst, a benefit if the horse is uncomfortable with hauling or if he has physical issues that make backing up challenging.

Good luck as you start looking at horse floats for sale and search for the right horse float for you!

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