Reasons to Consider Buying a Gooseneck Horse Float

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If you’re thinking about looking at horse floats for sale in the future, then one of the major decisions that you will have to make is whether to look for a gooseneck or a bumper-pull style horse float. Both styles have advantages, but let’s look at reasons why you might consider buying a gooseneck horse float.

Increased Stability

Because of the way that gooseneck floats hitch to your truck, they are more stable than bumper-pull floats are. Gooseneck floats have a different center of gravity, and can better adjust to your horses’ movement during a trip. This results in a more stable ride for both you and the horses; many drivers feel that gooseneck floats handle more steadily than bumper-pull floats do.

Because of their different hitching system, gooseneck horse floats also tend to be easier to hook up than bumper-pull floats are. It’s simpler to line up the truck hitch with the gooseneck float than it is to line up a truck hitch with the bumper-pull float hitch.

Easier Maneuverability

Many horse owners find that gooseneck floats are easier to maneuver than bumper-pull floats are. Gooseneck floats can more easily complete a U-turn than a bumper-pull float, making them ideal for when you are navigating tight spaces with your rig. Gooseneck floats can also be backed up fairly easily, whereas backing a bumper-pull float can be challenging.

Extra Space

Gooseneck floats offer a major advantage when it comes to space. Because they are so stable and strong, gooseneck floats can be built to accommodate many horses, a major advantage if you often haul three or more horses to events at the same time. Gooseneck floats tend to be roomier than bumper-pulls, and their stability amounts to a smoother and more relaxing ride for the horses.

When you’re hauling multiple horses, you’ll need plenty of storage space for feed and supplies, and gooseneck floats offer lots of extra space. Many gooseneck floats are equipped with dressing rooms and storage areas, and you can even store bulky items in the hollow nose of the float.

Ultimately, deciding whether a gooseneck or bumper-pull float is right for you will depend on your specific circumstances and needs in a horse float. If you’re frequently hauling horses or have multiple horses to haul at a time, the gooseneck float style tends to be a sturdier model built with plenty of heavy-duty use in mind.

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