Riding Equipment You’ll Need to Begin Cross-Country Riding

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Are you looking at eventing horses for sale with dreams of bravely riding cross-country courses in your head? Wonderful! In order to make your start in eventing, you will need some specific riding gear to keep you safe on the cross-country course. Here’s what you’ll need to outfit yourself for cross-country riding.

ASTM-Certified Helmet

A properly fitting ASTM-certified helmet will help to protect your head in the event of a fall. Remember, a helmet needs to be replaced every four years or after a fall, so make sure that your helmet is in good working order before you mount up.

Body Protector

Eventing riders are at risk of serious injury when on the cross-country course. A body protector is a must for competition, and you should wear it even when schooling. Body protectors are available in a wide range of materials, styles, and prices, so you can find the one that’s just right for your needs.

Medical Armband

Competition requires all riders to wear their medical information in armbands so that it’s readily available for emergency service providers if the rider is injured on course. Invest in a medical safety armband and keep the information up-to-date with every competition.


You’ll be racing the clock as you navigate the cross-country course, so invest in an easy to read waterproof stopwatch to help you and your horse stay on target.


Gloves will help you keep your grip on the reins even when the reins become wet or sweaty. Look for a pair of gloves that is lightweight and breathable, but that offers you plenty of grip.

Tall Boots

Quality leather tall boots keep you stylish and secure in the saddle. They can also help to protect your legs from abrasions during falls. Be sure that your tall boots fit you well and allow you movement and flexibility while you’re riding.


Invest in a few pairs of breeches that fit you well. You will probably also want to buy a belt. Try on the breeches with your tall boots to make sure that they fit and do not pinch or rub.


Just what type of shirt you wear on the cross-country course really depends on your preferences. Long-sleeved shirts are best, since they can help to protect your arms if you fall.


Depending on your horse, you may need spurs to help drive him on.

Before you head to the cross-country course, look for these items for sale. You may have to invest a bit in the beginning, but having the right gear will help to keep you safe while you’re riding.

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