Safely Storing Your Horse Float

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Buying a horse float is a big investment, and when your horse float is not in use, you need to store it so that it is safe and protected. Have you given thought as to how you will store your new horse float? These tips will help you do it well.

Choose Your Location Well

When it’s time to store your horse float, think about where it would be best to store the float. You will want to select a level area where you can easily access the float when it is time to hitch it up again. Examine the ground of the area – is it well drained, or might the area become muddy? This could make it difficult to get the horse float out if you need to use it.

Think about the security of your horse float when you select the area where you will store it. It is best to keep horse floats stored in an area that is active and easily visible from houses or from the agistment. If possible, store your horse float a ways into the property so that it cannot be easily removed without alerting other people. This strategy can help to deter thieves and vandalism.

Keep Your Horse Float Protected

Weather can take a toll on your horse float. If possible, it’s best to store your float inside a large shed or machinery barn. If one isn’t available, though, you can still protect your horse float from the elements by covering it with tarps when you know you won’t be using it for a while. Before you do this, be sure that the float is closed up – check that all of the windows and doors are closed and locked so that water cannot leak into the float.

Make Sure That Your Horse Float Is Securely Parked

When you unhitch your horse float from your truck, you’re removing a point of its stability. Whenever you unhitch your horse float you need to take measures to keep it from rolling or shifting. Use blocks behind the float’s wheels to keep it from moving, and always park it on level ground.

Additionally, consider getting a lock for the hitch to prevent your float from being stolen. Always keep the hitch locked when the float is not in use. You will also want to lock the horse float itself, if possible, and be sure that the dressing room door is also locked.

Buying a horse float is a significant investment, so you will want to keep yours protected when it is not in use.

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