Safety Considerations When Choosing Horse Fencing

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The horse fencing that you use on your property is responsible for keeping your horses safely contained. But horse fencing, especially the wrong type of horse fencing, can actually bring with it safety risks. Check out the following safety considerations when choosing your fencing.


In order to be safe, horse fencing needs to be strong enough to withstand the force of horses leaning against and rubbing on it. A fence that is too weak can give way easily, and fencing types like weakened wood can splinter, potentially injuring your horse. Make sure that the fencing you buy is intended for use with horses.


Sometimes horses make contact with the fence, especially if they’re active and like to run around or play with other turnout buddies. In this case, having a fence with a certain degree of flexibility or “give” to it can help to prevent potential injuries. Some horse owners opt to go with fencing designed to help absorb impact for these reasons.


Whatever type of fence you choose, it needs to be highly visible. Thin strands of electric wire have little visibility, and you run the risk of your horse running through the fence. If using electric wire, you’ll need to pair it with another more visible type of fence to help your horse see the boundaries. Wood, PVC panel, and vinyl fencing all tend to be easily visible to horses.

Ability to Keep Others Out

Depending on your location, it may be important that your fencing is able to keep others out. Whether you need to keep animals, like dogs, out of your horse’s pasture, or want to create a barrier to deter people from trying to pet your horses, think about how effective a fence will be in keeping unwanted visitors out of your horse’s pasture.


Above all else, a fence has to be functional in order to work. Make sure that whatever type of fencing you choose, it is functional and keeps horses contained. A fence which is too weak or which has panels that often pop out will be a headache in terms of maintenance, but it also won’t serve its purpose of reliably containing your horses.

If you have questions about the right type of fencing for your horse, there are many fencing supply companies available to answer questions. When choosing fencing, be sure to consider how safe it is for your horses.

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