Safety Features to Look for In a Horse Float

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When you transport your horse, you want to know that he is as safe as possible. Your horse’s safety starts by looking for the safest horse floats for sale that you can find. As you start looking at horse floats, try to find floats with these various safety features.

Wide Doors

One of the most important safety features a horse float can have is wide doors. Wider doors not only encourage horses to load, but they make the process safer by reducing the chance that the horse may scrape his sides on the doors.

Escape Doors

Always look for a horse float that has at least one escape door. An escape door helps to keep you from ever being trapped in a float with a panicking horse.

Insulated Ceilings

Insulated ceilings can help to reduce heat buildup inside your horse float, which is particularly important during long trips in the summer. Some horse floats even offer insulated walls for better temperature regulation. If you’re considering an aluminum horse float, look for one with a wooden floor – aluminum transfers heat from the road, while a wooden floor will stay cooler.

Padded Dividers

Padded dividers help to minimise the chance of injury to your horse during transportation. Rather than your horse leaning up against metal, padded dividers provide a softer surface which is more forgiving to your horse.

Quick Release Butt Bars

Look for a horse float which includes quick release butt bars. Quick release bars can be released even when under a horse’s weight, which can help you to avoid serious injuries to your horse if he panics while loading or unloading.

Heavy Duty Tires

Never skimp on tire quality on your horse float. Make sure that a horse float is equipped with heavy duty tires built to withstand the weight load, or purchase heavy duty tires for the float before you ever load any horses.

Emergency Brake

Every horse float should be equipped with an emergency brake. The emergency brake is triggered if the float becomes separated from your tow vehicle, and immediately slows the float down to a stop. An emergency brake can help to reduce the potential damage occurring to the float and to other vehicles on the road if your float ever does become separated from your truck.

When looking at horse floats for sale, make a list of the safety features that you want in a horse float and don’t settle for anything less.

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