Safety Improvements to Make In Your Horse Stable

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Your horse stable is your horse’s home, so you’ll want to make it as safe for both horses and people as possible. Consider making these safety improvements in your horse stable.

Keep the Stable Aisle Clear

Horses and humans must navigate the stable aisle on a daily basis, so make sure to keep the aisle clear to provide plenty of room. If possible, remove all tack boxes and other items from the aisle to create a safe working space.

Invest in Cameras

There are a number of reasons that you may want cameras in your horse stable. If no one lives on the premises, installing stall cameras can allow you to monitor your horses’ wellbeing overnight when no one is around. If your horse stable is a large boarding or training stable with lots of people coming and going, then it may be a good idea to install external cameras to help deter theft.

Store Hay Separately

If at all possible, arrange so that hay and other flammable substances are stored in a building which is a good distance away from your horse stable. The simple act of changing where you store hay can greatly improve your stable’s safety from fire.

Invest in Breakaway Ties

Take a walk through your stable and make sure that any areas where horses are tied are equipped with breakaway systems so that, if a horse panics, he can break free without injuring himself. Breakaway devices are available for purchase, but you can also use a breakable substance, like baling twine, to make your own breakaway tie.

Maximize Fire Safety

Assess how well your stable is designed to prevent and control barn fires. Make sure that your barn is equipped with multiple smoke detectors, check to make sure that all fire extinguishers are full and have not reached their expiration dates, and remove any flammable substances from the stable.

Upgrade Your Electrical System

If your stable is more than a few years old, it’s a good idea to have an electrician come in to evaluate the stable’s electrical system. An electrician can advise you about areas which may be unsafe, can upgrade outlets and wiring to meet current electrical codes, and can help you to make your horse stable a safer place.

The above safety measures are pretty simple and easy to put into place, and you will be able to rest better knowing that your horse stable is safer.

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