Safety Tips You Should Know When Buying a Horse Float

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We trust horse floats with keeping our horses safe. When you’re looking at horse floats for sale, make sure that you’re familiar with these safety tips.

Make Sure Your Truck Can Tow the Float

One common – and dangerous – mistake that horse owners sometimes make is buying a horse float which is too large or heavy for their truck’s towing capacity. Before you start looking at horse floats, find out just what your truck’s towing capacity is. Then, determine how much your horses and supplies weigh, and deduct this amount from the towing capacity. The resulting number is the absolute most that a horse float can weigh in order for your horse truck to pull it.

Remember, too, that your truck will need tires which are rated for towing heavy loads – your average truck tires won’t suffice. Additionally, you will need to outfit your truck with a brake box so that you can operate the horse float’s brakes without relying entirely on your truck for stopping power.

Have the Float’s Structure Inspected

It can’t be said often enough – have the horse float’s structure inspected before you agree to buy the float. A thorough inspection can reveal dangerous issues such as a rotting or damaged frame, rotting floorboards, and a weakened hitch. While some of these issues can be repaired, they may be costly and it might be worth looking for a different horse float entirely.

Ask About the Care the Float Has Received

When looking at a horse float for sale, ask the owner about the care that the float has received. Tires should be removed so that wheel bearings can be packed and greased every year. Find out if the floor has been replaced recently, and ask whether the float has been stored inside or if its hitch has been covered.

Consider Whether You Will Be Transporting Horses Alone

When buying a horse float, you need to decide what style of float works best for your purposes. Think about whether you will frequently be transporting your horses alone. This makes safely loading horses onto a straight-load float more difficult. If you’ll be transporting your horses alone, you may want to look for an angle-load float which makes loading and unloading horses by yourself safer and easier.

When looking at horse floats for sale, make sure that you consider these safety tips.

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