Safety When Loading Your Horse Onto a Horse Float

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Safety is always a major issue to consider when looking at horse floats for sale and horse trucks for sale. But once you’ve bought a horse truck or horse float, safety also plays an important role when you go to load your horse. Learn these tips to keep both yourself and your horse safe when loading.

Make Sure the Horse Float or Horse Truck Is Stable

Only load your horse onto a vehicle that is properly secured. If you are loading your horse into a horse truck, park it on an even, level surface, put the parking brake on, and put blocks in front of or behind the wheels to keep it from rolling or moving.

If you are loading your horse onto a horse float, be sure that the float is hitched to a vehicle that can safely pull it when loaded. Never load a horse onto an empty float that is not hitched; the possibility of the float rolling or shifting is too great, and such an accident could cause serious injury to both you and your horse.

Enlist the Help of a Partner

If your horse is at all hesitant about loading, it is well worth your time to find a partner to help you. Having someone on the ground to help direct you as you load your horse and keep watch for what you cannot see can help you to avoid potential injuries and problems. A helper will also be able to secure the door of the horse float or horse trailer behind you, preventing your horse from quickly backing out again once he’s loaded.

Prepare Your Horse With Proper Equipment

Any time you transport your horse, you should outfit him with proper protective gear. At the minimum your horse should wear shipping boots on all four legs and a head bumper to protect his head if he should knock it on the float ceiling. If you do not have shipping boots, wrapping the horse’s legs with standing wraps can provide an alternative, but this strategy doesn’t offer as much protection. For longer trips you might consider adding a rug or light sheet, depending on the temperature.

Think Ahead When Loading

When loading your horse, it’s important to always think about the worst possible thing that could happen. Watch your horse’s reactions to the float, and look to his body for cues about what his next move will be. Think about what would happen to both you and the horse if the horse panicked in the worst way possible – by thinking ahead, you can be better prepared to deal with issues that may arise, and you should ideally be able to avoid any dangerous situations.

When looking at horse trucks for sale and horse floats for sale, safety is a prime concern, but you need to remember to also think about safety when loading your horse. With patience and preparation you can ensure that your horse is safe for every trip.

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