Selling A Horse - A Great Photo Can Help

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A great sale photo can make the difference between selling a horse and not. People who are buying a horse want to have a clear idea of what your horse looks like and how he is built; learning to take great sale photos can make your for sale ads stronger and more captivating to potential buyers.

Prepare the Horse

There are many horses for sale. You can make your horse stand out from the crowd by simply spending time to prepare him before your photo shoot. Prepare your horse as you would before taking him to a show: pull his mane if necessary, trim long whiskers, and detangle his tail. If it is warm enough to do so, then give him a bath. If you cannot bathe him, then give him a good, thorough grooming.

Spend time preparing his tack as well. Make sure that any of the tack you photograph him in is clean and well-fitting. Pay attention to the little details, especially on the halter and bridle, since these will be featured in headshots. Clean and polish his bit, and absolutely clean both his halter and bridle.

Select a Good Background

Just as important as your horse’s appearance is the appearance of the background. Try to select a clear area free of distractions to photograph your horse in front of. Background clutter, such as farm tools, machinery, or multiple lines of fencing, can distract a viewer from your horse. Try to use the side of a barn, or a line of trees as your background. If you photograph your horse being ridden in a ring, make sure that he is the only horse in the ring at that time.

Watch the Lighting

Photographs that are taken in poor lighting will not help you sell your horse. Use natural sunlight to help photograph your horse, and take photos when the sun is present but not too strong – early mornings and later afternoons are best. Also, remember that direct sunlight can be harsh, and can even reflect off your horse’s coat, making it difficult to capture a good picture. Sometimes slightly overcast skies create the best conditions for photographing your horse.

Get Help

Use a helper to line up and handle your horse while you take photographs. You will also need someone to either photograph the horse while you ride, or vice versa. Don’t try to take sale photos alone; you’ll quickly get frustrated.

Take a Variety of Shots

For each horse for sale, take a number of different shots. Get a full-body conformation shot of your horse standing on level ground from each side, along with a shot taken from head-on and from directly behind your horse. Get a few shots showing just your horse’s head, taken from the side at a slight angle.

If you will be riding your horse, take a number of shots of him at each gait. (Remember that the rider should be as clean and well-presented as the horse is.) Showcase your horse doing what he is talented at – jumping, performing dressage movements, cutting cows, etc. If you won’t be riding him, then be sure to get some shots of him at each gait at liberty.

Having good sale photos can make your horse stand out among the many horses for sale. Take the time to get good quality photos, and good luck selling your horse!

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