Selling Your Horse - Finding The Best Home

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Selling your horse can sometimes be a long, slow process. There are many horses for sale, and sometimes it seems like you will never find the right buyer for your horse. But there are many things you can do to help along the process of selling a horse. Here are some top tips to help you sell horses.

Be Honest

You will save yourself a lot of time by including specific information in your sale ads. Think about the information that you would be looking for if you were buying a horse: you would want to know the horse’s age, height, breed, medical issues, training, discipline, showing experience, temperament, location, and price. All of this information should be clearly stated in every ad that you post.

But more than that, be honest and specific about each of the horses for sale. If the horse is not suitable for a beginner, there is no harm in stating that in the ad. You will save a potentially unsuitable buyer the time of contacting you, and you will save yourself time as well. By being honest in disclosing the horse’s temperament and quirks, you will also keep buyers safe from trying or buying a horse too strong for them.

Be Positive

Every horse has faults, but you can portray those faults in a positive light. If your horse hates jumping, don’t state, “He hates to jump.” Instead, make that statement a more positive reflection of your horse: “Best suited for work on the flat.” If your horse is lacking in show ring experience but is progressing well in his training at home, then include that: “Showing promise as a hunter and is ready to try his talents in the show ring.”

Advertise Widely

Advertise your horse for sale in multiple places. Take advantage of online websites for horses for sale, especially those that allow you to post ads with pictures. Advertise your horse in local newspapers and equine magazines. Post an ad at local feed and tack stores. And don’t forget the power of networking: let all of your friends know that your horses for sale, since they might know someone who is currently buying a horse.

Include Photos With every sale ad that you post, include multiple photos of the horse wherever possible. Photos should show your horse clean, well cared for, and in multiple poses. Be sure to include a clear conformation shot along with photos of your horse in action at the walk, trot, and canter. Always include photos showing your horse’s strengths – if he is a jumper, show him over fences. If he is a talented dressage horse, show him doing his best dressage movements.

Additionally, if you have the means to create a video of your horse, then do so. Video can give buyers an idea of your horse’s movement before they schedule a time to come and view him. Put together a clean, well-edited video of your horse under saddle that highlights his talents.

Put time and effort into your horse’s sale ad. Hopefully you’ll be rewarded by quickly finding the perfect home for your horse.

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