Should Age Matter When Buying a Horse Float?

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When looking at horse floats for sale, you’ll find all sorts of different floats available. Some will be almost brand-new, while others may be much older. But how much does age matter when looking at horse floats for sale? Consider these factors.

The Materials Used in the Float

You will want to consider the materials that have been used in the horse float’s construction. Some materials, like aluminium, are prone to rusting, especially if the float has been heavily used or has been stored outdoors.

The Float’s Overall Condition

Rather than focusing specifically on the horse float’s age, you should really be focused on the condition of the float. Well-maintained older floats may be in better condition than some newer horse floats are. Be sure to carefully evaluate the float’s condition, and don’t forget to look at the frame and the floor for signs of rust or wear.

The Amount the Float Has Been Used

Use will affect a horse float’s condition. Don’t be afraid to ask the seller about how the float has been used, and whether they are the original owners. A float that has been well-maintained and used lightly each season can last for years and years, but a float that is used quite heavily will usually have more wear and potential issues, especially when it’s an older float.

How the Horse Float Has Been Stored

Storing a horse float can directly affect its condition as the float ages. A float that’s been stored inside or under a tarp will have been largely protected from the weather, which can help to preserve its overall condition. Floats which are always stored outside can be pretty easy to identify, especially when they’re older. They often have wear and sunbleaching in the paint, and rust and corrosion are common issues that can be difficult to stop once they’ve taken hold.

The Reputation of the Horse Float’s Brand

Consider the horse float’s brand when deciding if the age is something you want to take on. Some brands have reputations for making excellent quality horse floats with long lifespans. Other brands are known for producing floats which tend to rust or wear out after a few years of use. You’ll want to do your research to get a sense of the life expectancy of the type of float that you’re looking at.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth it to buy an older horse float. It really depends on the specific float that you’re considering, so carefully evaluate any horse floats for sale and make an informed decision.

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