Should You Breed Your Mare?

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Having a foal from your mare may sound like great fun at a glance. It would allow you to reproduce your mare’s great qualities, and could be your potential new mount in a few years, letting you bypass the task of looking at horses for sale. But should you breed your mare? Consider the following before making your decision.

Qualities of Your Mare

Before considering breeding your mare, ask yourself if your mare has positive qualities that would be worth passing on to a foal. Breeding a mare just for the sake of it is not advisable; there are plenty of other quality mares who could be bred, and there are already so many horses for sale to choose from. If your mare has special qualities that would be beneficial in a foal, then also consider whether she has qualities that you do not want to pass on to a foal, such as conformation faults or other characteristics.

Financial Investment

Breeding a mare comes at a significant financial cost. Not only will you have the upkeep of both the mare and the foal to pay for, you will also have many veterinary services and the cost of the foal’s training (unless you are experienced enough to do that yourself). Remember that emergencies also arise, and pregnant mares and eventually their foals may require expensive medical procedures.

Time and Resources

Breeding your mare will mean a great dedication of time on your part. You will need to care for the mare, and eventually for the foal. You will need to research stallions to find a suitable one for your mare, and schedule many appointments with the veterinarian. You will need to design a safe place for your mare to foal, and a foal-proof pasture.

Remember that breeding will not provide instant reward. In fact, there’s a lot of waiting involved. You won’t be able to ride your mare toward the end of her pregnancy, and the foal won’t be trained to saddle for years after his or her birth. Even then, your mare’s offspring will be a green horse.

Your Experience Level

Have you handled foals and young horses before? It’s not like handling a trained horse, and can be dangerous if done incorrectly. If you are planning to keep the foal to ride, are you comfortable riding a green horse, or do you have the resources to be able to have a trainer work with him until he is more experienced under saddle?

The decision to breed your mare is not one to make lightly. Speak with experienced breeders, as well as with your veterinarian, to help you decide whether or not to breed your mare.

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